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Cards and digital wallets are the most common payment instruments in most parts of the world

Digital payments in the Asia-Pacific region have accelerated, with China being one of the pioneers towards a cashless society.

Consumers in North America and Latin America regions still prefer using credit cards for online purchases in 2022, according to data included in the report, and, in Europe, debit or card payments credit were the most preferred payment methods in several of the countries; however, other European countries differed, showing preferences for payments via mobile app, Invoice, PayPal or another form of digital wallet, and direct bank payment.

In the Middle East and Africa, payment experts expect the transition to digital systems to be sustainable, with a high double-digit percentage of payment practitioners surveyed predicting that at least half of new users of digital payment will continue to use digital payments instead of using cash in the future.

BNPL adoption continues to grow in usage and penetration

The number of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) users globally is expected to more than quadruple from 2021 to 2026 and the share of BNPL used in B2C e-commerce payments is expected to grow by 15pp over the same period, as shown. in the report.

In North America, the BNPL service is gaining momentum, the number of BNPL users is expected to more than triple by 2025 in the United States alone. Additionally, in the APAC region, more than three-quarters of Australians were aware of the BNPL service and its key market players such as Afterpay and Zip.

Questions covered in the report:

  • How many mobile wallet users are there in the regions of the world?

  • What are the main payment methods used when shopping online in Asia-Pacific?

  • How did online payment preferences differ across countries in Europe in 2021?

  • What are the most common payment methods offered by online merchants when paying online in the United States and Canada?

  • Which payment method is likely to be the market leader in the Middle East and Africa by 2025?

Main topics covered:

1. Management Summary

2. Global developments

  • Overview of online and mobile payment trends, May 2022

  • Value of payments, by B2C e-commerce payments and POS payments, in trillions of dollars, 2021 and 2026f

  • Share of cash payments, as % of total value of POS transactions, by region, 2021 and 2025f

  • Value of contactless card transactions, in USD trillion, 2020 and 2021e

  • Share of contactless card transactions, in % of the total value of contactless transactions, 2021e

  • BNPL B2C e-commerce sales, in USD billion, 2021e & 2026f

  • Number of BNPL users, in millions, 2021e & 2026f

  • BNPL’s share of B2C e-commerce payments, in %, 2021e & 2026f

  • Value of Digital Wallet Transactions, USD Trillion, 2022f & 2026f

  • Number of B2C e-commerce transactions paid by OEM mobile payment apps, in billions, 2022f and 2026f

  • Number of mobile wallet users, by region, in millions, 2020 and 2025f

  • Mobile proximity payment users worldwide, in millions, and annual change, in %, 2020-2025f

  • Penetration of mobile proximity payment users, as % of smartphone users, 2020-2025f

  • Penetration of local mobile payment users, in % of smartphone users, 2021e

  • Payment methods accepted by online merchants, by already accepted and planned, in % of online merchants, February 2022

  • Factors influencing in-store shopping choice, excluding digital payments, % of consumers, December 2021

  • Growth areas according to small businesses, % of small businesses, December 2021

  • Share of consumers and small businesses planning to exclusively use digital payment methods in the next two years, in %, December 2021

  • Value of cryptocurrency payments, USD billion, 2018-2023f

3. Asia-Pacific

3.1. Regional

  • Overview of online and mobile payment trends, July 2022

  • Value of card payments, USD trillion, and year-on-year change, %, 2019-2025f

  • Breakdown of payment methods used in B2C e-commerce, in %, 2021

3.2. Advanced Markets

3.2.1. Japan

3.2.2. South Korea

3.2.3. Australia

3.2.4. New Zealand

3.2.5. Singapore

3.3. Emerging Markets

3.3.1. China

3.3.2. Taiwan

3.3.3. hong kong

3.3.4. India

3.3.5. Indonesia

3.3.6. Thailand

3.3.7. Vietnam

3.3.8. Malaysia

3.3.9. Philippines


4.1. Regional

  • Trends in online and mobile payments, June 2022

  • Breakdown of preferred payment methods in B2C e-commerce, as % of online shoppers, by selected countries, November 2021

  • Share of payment methods used in stores over the past 12 months, as a % of consumers, July 2021

  • Distribution of preferred electronic payment methods for in-store purchases, in % of consumers, July 2021

  • Distribution of preferred electronic payment methods for in-store purchases, in % of consumers, by generation, July 2021

  • Share of consumers who would support mandatory acceptance of digital payments, in %, July 2021

  • Share of merchants who prefer to accept electronic payments rather than cash, in %, July 2021

  • Attitudes towards saving card details in online stores, % of internet users, by selected countries, 2021

  • Breakdown of intentions of B2C and B2B marketplaces to launch in-vehicle payment services, in % of decision makers, July 2021

  • Perceived benefits of in-vehicle payment services, by Very Attractive and Attractive, as a % of Decision Makers in B2C and B2B Marketplaces, July 2021

4.2. Advanced Markets

4.2.1. UK

4.2.2. Germany

4.2.3. France

4.2.4. Spain

4.2.5. Italy

4.2.6. Netherlands

4.2.7. Swiss

4.2.8. Sweden

4.2.9. Belgium

4.2.10. Norway

4.2.11. Denmark

4.2.12. Finland

4.2.13. Austria

4.3. Emerging Markets

4.3.1. Russia

4.3.2. Poland

4.3.3. Turkey

4.3.4. Czech Republic

4.3.5. Portugal

4.3.6. Romania

4.3.7. Hungary

4.3.8. Ukraine

4.3.9. Bulgaria

4.3.10. Croatia

5. North America

5.1. Regional


5.3. Canada

6. Latin America

6.1. Regional

  • Trends in online and mobile payments, May 2022

  • Breakdown of total e-commerce sales by payment method, in %, 2021e

  • E-commerce payment volume, by payment method, USD billion, and annual growth of e-commerce payment methods, in %, 2021e

  • Card ownership in selected countries, by card type, as % of banked internet population, 2020 and 2021

  • Number of digital-only banks, 2012 – 2021e

  • Number of Neobank customers, in millions, 2016 – 2021e

6.2. Brazil

6.3. Mexico

6.4. Argentina

6.5. Colombia

6.6. Chile

6.7. Peru

6.8. Dominican Republic

7. Middle East and Africa

7.1. Regional

  • Trends in online and mobile payments, June 2022

  • Most preferred payment methods by 2025, % of respondents, 2020

  • Payment method likely to be market leader by 2025, % of respondents, 2020

  • Bank innovation methods, as a % of bank executives, March 2021

  • Priorities of banks by 2026, in % of bank managers, March 2021

  • How banks perceive the evolution of their digital business by 2023, in % of banking executives, March 2021

  • Trends with the greatest impact on banks by 2025, in % of bank executives, March 2021

  • Overview of selected leading FinTech startups in the payments industry, incl. Company name, solution, funding, country and year of creation, December 2021

  • Overview of mobile money statistics in Africa, incl. Number of live services, registered accounts, in millions, active accounts, in millions, transaction volume in millions and transaction value, in billion USD, and annual growth, in %, by sub-region, 2021

  • Total investment raised by African FinTechs, in USD million, 2020 & 2021

  • Overview of Selected Major FinTech Funding Rounds in Africa, by Country, 2021

7.2. United Arab Emirates

7.3. Saudi Arabia

7.4. Israel

7.5. Jordan

7.6. Oman

7.7. South Africa

7.8. Egypt

7.9. Nigeria

7.10. Morocco

7.11. Kenya

7.12. Tunisia

Companies cited

  • To affirm

  • After-payment

  • AliPay

  • American Express

  • Pay Apple

  • Argos store card

  • BitOasis

  • Capital city

  • Chash Shredder

  • Clearpay

  • Pay

  • Dana

  • FamiPay

  • Flutterwave

  • GoPay

  • Jumo

  • Klarna

  • laybuy

  • Legal and general

  • LINE Pay

  • Fortunate

  • Maestro

  • MasterCard

  • merpay

  • MTN Halan

  • openpay

  • OVO

  • palmpay

  • Payl8r

  • PayPal

  • paysafe

  • PayTabs

  • Perpay

  • PIX

  • Post-payment

  • Quadruple payment

  • QuicPay

  • Rakuten pays

  • ServiPag

  • Similar

  • Sizzle

  • Starbucks

  • Tiger

  • tala

  • Tamara

  • time bank

  • Venmo

  • Visa

  • Vague

  • WearOS

  • WeChat pays

  • Pay Yucho

  • zipper

  • Zlich

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