A Macropay Review: Alternative Payment Methods for SMBs (Sponsored Content by Anna Koretskaya)


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent most of the functional businesses in the world. They have been positioned to be one of the economic pillars of a country. However, the ultimate goal of these SMEs is to grow beyond their current capabilities. In this Macropay Reviewyou will learn to explore alternatives Payment methods for the improvement of SMEs.

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In seeking to grow, SMEs consider the business environment around them and how best to navigate it. And in this era, it’s pertinent to know that no serious business looking to grow will overlook the limitless potentials that come from harnessing innovations in the digital space.

This is where SMEs show great flexibility. SMEs are strategically positioned, due to their size, to take advantage of market developments and adopt new technologies in their business models and processes. This comes at a lower price compared to the dangers of a mega-corporation adapting to new technologies.

Why SMBs Should Leverage Alternative Payment Methods

For merchants, it can be convenient to stick with traditional payment methods, but merchant disposition is rarely what drives the commerce world. Macropay provides merchants with easy and efficient access to multiple payment methods such as electronic funds transfer, voucher payments, automates risk management procedures, and even provides KYC capture and compliance.

With growing consumer interest in alternative payment methods, SMB merchants should take advantage of technological innovations from FinTech companies to facilitate payments and optimize conversion. Offering a certain method of payment can determine whether or not the sale goes through.

Developing SMEs through alternative payment methods

As SMBs build their expansion and/or business on the digital landscape, they inevitably need to integrate the right alternative payment method (APM) into their business processes to optimize conversion. This will not only facilitate and end the business transaction, but also solve the problem of a down funnel due to lack of payment options.

For a business that wants to scale, taking note of this funnel drop, where and why it happened, is critical to meeting customer needs and driving growth.

There are hundreds of APMs for SMBs to choose from. Among many other concerns, merchants need to adopt a payment solution that will guarantee customers the security of their transactions and their level of protection against cyberattacks.

Navigate the APM ecosystem with Macropay

To better understand which alternative payment method works best for a small business, some research is needed. Carrying out this research should be an integral part of the expansion projections of any SME and trader wishing to grow. But there are important factors to consider, such as target customers, business location, and available payment options.

This is where Macropay’s payment solutions come in.

Macropay can help you grow your business

macropay offers advice on which payment option is best for your business and also gives you access to alternative payment options, all on a user-friendly dashboard.

The payment process has been simplified on the Macropay dashboard, allowing merchants to access all of their cash flow in a single dashboard. This process is also reinforced to strengthen fraud detection and guarantee the security of transactions.

Looking for access to alternative payment methods and open banking that can help you grow your business? Contact Macropay here or via [email protected]


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