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VIJAYAWADA: Thursday being D-Day for the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) and Godavari River Management Board (GRMB) to resume irrigation projects in PA and Telangana, although partially, the AP government is likely to issue an order to transfer 15 components of the Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar (NSP) project to the KRMB reservoir and Peddavagu to the GRMB on Thursday.

Although both states made several reservations on the Gazette notifications, dated July 15, and also discussed the same with the Center, AP agreed to hand over only 15 Krishna components and 1 Godavari component in accordance with the ruling. taken to the board of directors. meetings.

So, what would change from Thursday with the outlets of the large reservoirs, in the management of which the two states are at loggerheads from the bifurcation, returning to the councils more than seven years after the bifurcation of the state? Nothing, right away.

“There will be no immediate change. We will issue a component handover order as agreed in the meetings, most likely Thursday morning. This means that the transition process has started, ”a senior official told TNIE. Both the water resources department and APGENCO will have to issue orders for the handing over of projects.

While Telangana has asked the board to limit the takeover to the joint reservoirs of the Srisailam and NSP joint outlets, they have not made their position clear and said they will consult with their chief minister. before taking a call.

In the event that TS does not adhere to the resolution adopted at the KRMB meeting, sources said, AP may withdraw its order, which it will issue for the handing over of the 15 components.

It should be remembered that AP only agreed to postpone the projects and the partial implementation of the notification of jurisdiction on the condition that the TS plants are also taken over by the board of directors. AP claimed that the “truncated implementation” was “unacceptable”.

“AP has made it conditional that their priority components be handed over only if the components of the Telangana power plant are kept in the priority list,” said the summary of the proceedings of the October 12 meeting sent to the two states on Wednesday.

According to the approved plan, the transition phase will not exceed three months from October 14. Until then, state governments will provide security until the deployment of CISF personnel, the “in effect” operating, administration, regulatory and maintenance system would continue, all financial aspects including payment of salaries to employees and staff, invoices and the like will be borne by the respective states.

If there is a conflict between states, the board will take the final call and implement them across states until the transition is complete.

According to the gazette, a total of 36 components of the Krishna project and 71 components of the Godavari project will fall under the respective councils.

What will happen to the other elements of the Krishna and Godavari pools that were included in the three annexes of the gazette published by the Union Ministry of Jal Shakti?

Sources said deliberations will continue as states and boards have yet to reach consensus on the one-time seed capital to be provided.

AP and TS must provide Rs 200 crore each to each of the cards. Likewise, transfers of employees, project infrastructure, files, offices and other infrastructure are also far from being finalized. Two sub-committees, for each council, are working to finalize the same and are expected to do so in the coming weeks.

State regime

AP will issue a component handover order, as agreed at meetings, most likely Thursday morning

If TS does not adhere to the resolution adopted at the KRMB meeting, AP may withdraw its order.

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