Atletico Madrid face $40m lawsuit from Barca over Antoine Griezmann transfer fee


Atletico Madrid could soon face a lawsuit from FC Barcelona. This is due to the transfer fee regarding Antoine Griezmann.

According to Sique Rodriguez, Barcelona are waiting for a payment of 40 million dollars from Atletico. When the two sides agreed on a loan deal for Griezmann, a stipulation was put in place that Atletico would owe Barcelona a $40m fee if he played more than 50% of the total minutes he played for. is available.

To combat this stipulation, Atletico played Antoine Griezmann sparingly. In each of his appearances this season, Griezmann has come on in the 60th minute or later.

By not triggering his release clause, Atletico would have the option of signing Antoine Griezmann at the end of the season at no cost.

Barcelona claim that Griezmann has already exceeded the necessary playing time limit since his loan start last season. His loan was to last only one season, with the possibility of extension. Griezmann has fulfilled the conditions to trigger this extension. This led Barcelona to already recognize Antoine Griezmann as a full-time member of Atletico.

Barcelona, ​​who have been put in a difficult financial situation over the past year, could use the $40m in multiple ways.

Even in his limited time on the pitch, Antoine Griezmann has been very efficient. In five appearances, Griezmann has scored three times. His last goal came as a winner against Porto in the Champions League.

Since joining Atletico on loan, Antoine Griezmann has seemingly revitalized his career. His time with the club may not end anytime soon.


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