Autonomous Inc. Announces Accepting Crypto Payment Along With Other Payment Methods, The Very First Step Towards Web3 E-Commerce


The introduction of crypto payment via online shopping continues our focus on the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies while continuing to offer our customers choice and flexibility in how they can pay with USDC.

Autonomous Inc., a leading brand in smart office tools and technology, today announces that it accepts cryptocurrency payments, starting with the most popular stablecoin – USDC, when purchasing any standalone product on its standalone As a pioneer in modern desktop and e-commerce technology, Autonomous aspires to deliver a fully integrated Web3 e-commerce stack and crypto payment is the first step towards.

“As the use of digital payments and digital currencies grows, the introduction of crypto payment through online shopping continues to focus our focus on broad cryptocurrency adoption while continuing to provide our customers with choice and flexibility in how they can pay with USDC,” Duy said. Huynh, Founder and CEO of Autonomous, “The next phase in driving ubiquity is to facilitate the development of the decentralized future of commerce, leveraging smart contracts and transparent approaches.”

How to pay with crypto

The crypto payment flow is similar and familiar to traditional payment methods, as it appears alongside other payment options:

1. Choose the “Pay with USDC” option

2. Log in to Phantom Wallet during the checkout process to process the payment.

3. Complete a short form with the required shipping details.

4. Confirm the transaction with a Smart Contract popup.

5. Once the customer agrees to the terms, their transaction is complete and they will receive a confirmation email and receipt.

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Standalone purchases include all refund policies and trial periods on eligible items once the transaction status changes to “shipping”, as well as the safety, security and other benefits of using the Phantom wallet. Cryptocurrency payment is starting to roll out to standalone customers in the US today.

About Us

Autonomous has been a company driven by technological innovation since its inception in 2015. Our design philosophy is that while products should have a high degree of functionality, they should also be intuitive and simple to use, to unleash their full potential. Autonomous is committed to improving every working day. Our furniture features simple, clean lines with great technological innovation in design and functionality, all to provide people with some of the most advanced and ergonomic desks and chairs on the market. Today, more than one million people in 103 countries around the world use standalone products every day, in addition to more than 100,000 business customers, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, including Disney, Amazon, LinkedIn, Dell and CBS.


Chi Tran – CMO of Autonomous

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