Brady Manek discusses transfer portal


UNC basketball star Brady Manek has detailed his experience in the transfer portal and why he ultimately chose the Tar Heels.

Last offseason, the NCAA launched its new “one-time transfer rule,” which brought a ton of craziness to the world of college athletics.

No player has benefited more from this newly implemented rule than UNC basketball star Brady Manek. After playing the majority of his college career at Oklahoma, Manek decided to enter the transfer after coach Lon Kruger retired to keep his options open.

From there, Manek concluded that it was in his best interest to return to the college level for one more season and designated Chapel Hill as his new home.

The decision paid off well for Manek as he became a central part of the Tar Heels team which had an exceptional run to the national championship game. He averaged a career-high 15.1 points per game while shooting 40.3 percent from beyond the arc.

In a recent interview on The Tar Heel Show podcast, Manek went deeper into the transfer portal and explained why he chose the UNC basketball program.

The Harrah, Oklahoma native said the Tar Heels were actually one of the last teams to contact him, as Hubert Davis took over the program just a week and a half after Kruger left the Sooners. Manek said Davis played a huge role in luring him to Chapel Hill:

“I was led to Coach Davis on one of the last phone calls I got. It was how genuine he was, the team we had here, the role I was in. was going to play, the opener at fourth, the move from two big men down to a prone four. The call came in on Tuesday and I committed on Friday.

As for the transfer portal, Manek said that it’s very easy to enter but rather difficult to manage once you’re officially there.

“You enter your name and go through the compliance office. They send your information and then you are in the portal. It takes about 24 hours for your name to enter; they have to approve everything. I knew exactly when I was approved because I got a phone call, phone call, phone call. I get phone calls and I answer phone calls, and people always call me.

It was an exciting process. A lot of teams called and a lot of teams wanted me to play for them.

In the past, players had a very difficult choice to make about whether they wanted to stay in college or pursue a professional career. For Manek, his decision was rather easy, given that the possibilities offered by the newly implemented NIL (name, image and likeness) rules were attractive enough for him to stay in college.

“My main reason (for not going pro) was that I didn’t want to grow up yet. My thought process was that I’m definitely going to be a foreign player. [Because of COVID] there wasn’t really any money for rookies, so it didn’t make sense for me to go there just yet.

Not only did Manek have the opportunity to pursue higher education at the Kenan-Flagler business school, but his play on the pitch opened up plenty of endorsement opportunities for him and his teammates.

Although his time in Chapel Hill is over, his presence will certainly be felt for years to come.

“Leaky Black is my roommate. He said, ‘Thank you for coming to Carolina.’ I was like, ‘What do you mean.’ He said: “We have arrived at the national championship. NIL is going to be booming next year. That’s right, we’re going to have all these team and group licensing deals, and they’re going to get money and all this free stuff on different types of stuff – just for posting about it.

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