Consumer Commission holds bank liable for data and money transfer | Nashik News

Nashik: The Nashik District Consumer Grievance Commission came to the rescue of a man, who claimed that around Rs 50,000 had been transferred from his credit card account to a third-party account, and ordered the bank to settle the dispute and pay Rs 10,000 as compensation for moral harassment.
The commission believed the complainant’s statement and observed that the private bank which had issued a credit card in partnership with a non-banking financial company had not taken appropriate measures to return the funds to the account. of the complainant within 10 days as the complaint was filed within three days after the crime was committed – as stipulated in the circulars of the Reserve Bank of India.
Mahesh Mekhe filed his complaint with the commission in December 2019 and claimed to have received a call from a man who identified himself as an employee of the bank’s credit card department and shared all the vital card information that were with the complainant.
In October 2019, the plaintiff said the appellant claimed that a mediclaim policy had been launched with an annual premium of Rs 31,200.
According to Mekhe, as the caller had all his details with him, he believed him.
When the complainant stated that he would not subscribe to the policy, the caller then stated that for deactivation, Mekhe will have to share a OTPs which was sent to his registered mobile number.
Once Mekhe shared the OTP, an amount of Rs 84,400 was deducted from his account. Realizing something was wrong, Mekhe then called customer service, but his call was not answered.
When he filed a complaint online, he received a call from the bank telling him that a new card would be issued, but his request for a chargeback was not honored. Instead, the bank asked the complainant to register an FIR as a result of which an amount of 31,347 was recovered from the appellant’s account.
The commission then ordered the bank not to demand money or interest from the complainant and instead to pay 10,000 rupees as compensation for moral harassment and 5,000 rupees for the costs incurred.

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