Flash development for Adana Metro Transfer!

Flash development for Adana Metro Transfer!

The Presidency has taken steps to transfer all rail system projects from local authorities to the ministry. A legal arrangement will be made for the transfer of the rail systems to the Ministry of Transport.

The Presidency’s 2022 annual program was published in the Official Journal on Monday. The program prepared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the Strategy and Budget Directorate was approved with the signature of President Tayyip Erdoğan.

One of the Presidency’s 2022 objectives was the transfer of rail system projects in cities from municipalities to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. 2.4.5 of the annual program. In the section entitled Urban infrastructure, the measures and targets for 2022 are listed. According to this goal, legal arrangements will be made for the transfer in the new year.

In the presidential program, the objective of the transfer process was stated as “to take transport policies and decisions in a coordinated manner and align them with zoning decisions”. In the report, the measures to be taken and the policy to be implemented are explained as follows: Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the rail system design guides will be updated and a statistical data infrastructure will be established. “

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will be responsible for implementing the target, and cooperation will be established with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and local governments. The objective of the program was explained with 2 elements:

1- Legislation concerning the examination and approval of urban rail system projects will be completed.

2- A by-law will be prepared to regulate the procedures and principles concerning the resumption of municipal railway system projects by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures.

According to the presidential program, public transport is provided by the rail system in 12 metropolitan cities in Turkey. There is a 250 kilometer rail network in Istanbul, including Marmaray, 177 kilometers in Izmir and 102 kilometers in Ankara.

Among the 2022 targets is the use of a single payment card in all the country’s public transport systems. In 2022, it is planned to implement the common card project in the pilot provinces.

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