How far is the McCord? Transfer options for OSU basketball


RustyShackleford85: I have a few quick questions…

1, Stokes is a pleasant surprise. His situation reminds me a lot of Burke’s last year. Denzel wasn’t a particularly highly rated rookie, but had great camp and burst onto the scene out of nowhere from a fan perspective. What do you think? I know Stokes probably won’t get as many PTs as Burke last year. OSU is deep and talented at the safety post. But if he keeps working hard and improving, he’ll get his share of shots no matter who’s in front of him.

2, Since Meyer started the black tape tradition in 2012 until now with Day continuing it, has anyone ever watched the players who were the first to have their tape removed to see if that indicates what type of player they are becoming? I know this is a strange question. But I ask because players have to work hard and be dedicated to earn that honor, I guess. Not to mention the players who were the first in their class to have their stripes removed to see their careers derailed by injuries.

3, In your opinion, where do you think McCord’s ceiling is? I know we didn’t get to see him play a ton. But what’s your educated guess and/or hunch given what we’ve seen of him so far?

* Better than CJ

* As good as CJ

* Worse than CJ

I think we were a little spoiled to have Dwayne, Justin and CJ as our last 3 QBs. Of those 3 guys, 2 are 1st round picks and the other (CJ) is a potential 1st overall pick. So these are noble shoes to fill. I think Kyle has all the tools to be as good as the others I mentioned above. Will he pull it all together and realize that potential in 23? I don’t think it will be as good. Just my opinion. Even if he ends up not being as good as Haskins, Fields and Stroud, I think he’s good enough to help us win an NC with the offensive personnel we have. Without a doubt.

4, Who surprised and impressed you the most on Saturday? I’ll say Royer and Evan Pryor. He should get more PT even with Henderson and Williams ahead of him. That’s how I think he’s good. You need to find a way to get him more shots. Also, Harrison Jr. It’s not much of a surprise, though. I love his athleticism. That scoop hold putting his hands and arms under that ball so it didn’t hit the ground was impressive for a WR his size. The D was obvious. Stokes and Hancock. Which is exciting considering all of OSU’s top secondary rookies have flipped and missed in 22. Thanks, Steve,

Helwagen: 1, Yes, I really liked Stokes. He was always around the ball and breaking up passes. He just needs to stay on that lane and keep grinding and he’ll be where he needs to be when his number is called. I think they have to see what Proctor, Hickman, McCalister, Williams and Martinez can do and go from there.

2, Yeah, I haven’t studied it closely enough to draw any conclusions. Generally, the hardest workers and the best players are the same people. I guess we’ll find that they had an impact about 70-80% of the time.

3, CJ may be the best they’ve ever had by the end of this season. It is therefore difficult to put it in this stratosphere. But I think he has the potential to be really good and they can win big with him or Brown, in my opinion. You have to surround them with great players to win championships. This position is set and they will continue to add it in future classes.

Yes, I agree with your assertions after asking the question. If he’s just a notch below CJ, that’s still very very good, isn’t it?

4, Agree with you on all these points. Harrison didn’t have a lot of catches but I remember the one you’re referring to and it was a great play. There were swirling winds to deal with, I’m sure for QBs and WRs. I agree on Pryor, he can help them and will be needed. They also needed three front row backs to qualify last year.

The future is bright with some youngsters in defense like Caden Curry, Mike Hall, Gabe Powers, CJ Hicks, Hancock, Stokes and a few others.

Farewell shot: Guys and girls, I answered all questions. Thank you all for reading and posting questions. We will be doing Ohio State Buckeyes Live on Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. See you soon !


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