How to Transfer Amazon Pay Balance to Bank Account


Companions, such as Paytm, GPay and PhonePe, Amazon launched its E-Wallet, Amazon Pay, its use has greatly expanded. Currently, whether for recharging or shopping, Amazon Pay Wallet works everywhere. However, there is a problem in this that you cannot transfer money from your wallet to your financial balance like Paytm and so on. For this reason, individuals often have the opportunity to see this manifestation. So today we will understand that Amazon Pay Balance To Bank Account Transfer? So, what if we put everything in place?

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How to transfer Amazon Pay balance to bank account?

  • It is important to download Clovia app from Google Play Store on your mobile phone. Or on the contrary, click here.
  • After that, open the Clovia app and create a record there.
  • After that, select any item and add it to cart.
  • Currently you have to pay. To do this, record the location and interaction of the request.
  • Presently on the next page, you will be approached to choose the method of payment. You must choose Amazon Pay as the payment method.
  • Currently, Amazon’s login gateway will open in front of you on the following page. You must log in to your equivalent Amazon account. In which there will be money. Your request will be set only after login and the adjustment will be deducted from your Amazon Pay account. However, wait, our work is not done at this point. The real work will happen now.
  • Currently, you need to go back to the Clovia app. Also, by going to the My bank account choice, fill in the details of your ledger and save it. Currently, you need to go back to the My Order part. Also, drop your stowed items. When depositing, you must choose the wallet in the remittance choice.

A Simple Method to Transfer Amazon Pay Balance to Bank Account

First of all, you need to open the Amazon app. What’s more, go to the Amazon Pay section. There you will be able to see a choice of Gold Vault. You have to press it. Currently, the Gold Vault segment of Amazon Pay will open in front of you. Currently, how much money is in your Amazon Pay account? For this sum, you must purchase Digital Gold. Moreover, later it must be sold. After that, you will help the money in your case through UPI.




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