How to transfer money with UPI without internet? Here is the guide


If you are one of those people who are too dependent on UPI payments, then this is important news for you. Many times we may come across situations where we want to make UPI payment but fail due to slow internet speed or poor network. Fortunately, this problem can be easily fixed because UPI users can also make offline payments through their phone.

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Did you know that minimal network coverage can help you make the payment without any problem? All you have to do is dial the USSD code * 99 # on your phone. Open your phone’s dialer and enter * 99 # and press the call button. Once you dial * 99 # from your registered cell phone. You will get a pop-up window to select your bank, after selecting the bank, you need to select the bank account from the list.

Now create your UPI PIN code and enter the last six digits of your debit card. Now enter the expiration date of your debit card. Enter and confirm your six-digit UPI PIN code. Your UPI PIN code will be set. Now dial * 99 # again, you will see a list with a lot of options. If you are trying to send money, type the number 1 and press send. Select the information you have with the payment recipient, enter the number and press send.

Now enter the mobile number linked to your UPI account and press send. Then enter the amount and send. Enter a note for the payment. Enter your UPI PIN code to complete the transaction. Your UPI transaction will be carried out without internet

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