KuCoin Introduces Convenient New Payment Methods in Eastern Europe and Latin America




Cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms need to make digital assets accessible. Support for additional payment methods can introduce many people to this growing industry. KuCoin, one of the leading trading platforms, has integrated Advcash and Capital.

As one of the leading crypto exchanges, KuCoin continues to expand its presence on several continents. Its recent focus is in the Eastern European and Latin American regions, where many users can benefit from more streamlined access to cryptocurrencies. The integration of PIX&TED payments for deposits and withdrawals in BRL is a crucial step forward. Additionally, Advcash support will allow users to explore a new way of depositing and withdrawing assets.

The partnership with Advcash and Capitual – provider of PIX&TED – confirms the need for more convenient digital asset purchase options. Expanding local currency support may entice more people to explore the dozens of cryptocurrencies found on the KuCoin platform. Advcash caters to KuCoin’s growing customer base in Eastern Europe, although it is also viable for residents of Asia Minor. Capital will mainly benefit the Brazilian market.

A crucial advantage of integration Capital city This is how KuCoin users do not pay any fees for PIX&TED when depositing BRL. Additionally, the integration introduces instant payouts, top-notch security, and higher upper deposit limits of up to BRL 1 million per transaction. The Capital team works with local Brazilian banks that support PIX instant transfers and regular TED transfers. PIX is a solution designed by the Brazilian central bank to ensure smooth transfers and payments between electronic wallets.

The KuCoin team has completed the integration tests of Advcash and Capital. Initial reports say everything is smooth and stable. A testing phase is paramount for KuCoin, as the company prides itself on offering a high degree of convenience to all users. Conversion between local currencies and cryptocurrencies is an essential aspect of this user-oriented approach.



Advcash serves many markets

While capital integration focuses on Brazil, Advcash is a powerful weapon for KuCoin in different geographical regions. The payment system supports UAH, USD, EUR, GBP, RUB and BRL currencies. It will primarily be used to meet the needs of customers in Eastern Europe, but may also benefit users in the UK, US and Asia Minor.

An Advcash product manager adds:

“Advcash caters to KuCoin users by providing a high level of service and convenience when dealing with a variety of European currencies.”

Users can quickly transfer money in multiple currencies to any country via Advcash. Like Capital, it has a no-fee structure, 24/7 support, and an upper limit of 1 million in the selected currency per deposit. Additionally, Advcash introduces broader convenience and security through a mandatory KYC2 procedure.


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