Moldovan cabinet approves transfer of funds to Moldovagaz to repay debt to Gazprom – Business & Economy


CHISINAU, November 26. / TASS /. The Moldovan government has approved the transfer of funds to the local gas distribution company Moldovagaz for the repayment of its debt to Gazprom. The decision was taken on Friday at an extraordinary meeting of the cabinet of ministers.

“The decree stipulates the transfer of the finances of the state-owned company Energocom to the account of Moldovagaz to cover the current debt to Gazprom. This is necessary to ensure an uninterrupted supply of gas,” commented Prime Minister of the Republic Natalia Gavrilitsa on the decree.

Moldova has to pay around $ 74 million, which includes payment for gas consumed in October and November. On Thursday, the Moldovan parliament approved the allocation of these emergency funds due to the threat of suspension of supply.

Finance Minister Dmitry Budyansky told the parliament meeting that Moldovagaz, which encountered difficulties due to the difference in local tariffs and the price of imported fuel in October, called on the government to intervene earlier in the situation.

Gazprom spokesman Sergey Kupriyanov said on Monday that Moldovagaz was supposed to make the next payment on November 22, but did not do so, adding that Gazprom was preparing to shut down the country’s gas supply for this reason. .


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