More businesses using contactless payment methods


  • By Kao Shih-ching / Journalist

More and more small traders, stores and vendors are adopting contactless payment methods amid rising national COVID-19 infections.

“The number of stores that asked about our service and were interested in using our electronic payment tool has increased by more than 40% since the COVID-19 alert was raised to level 3 in l ‘nationwide last week, “Line Pay Taiwan Ltd. (連 加 網路 小業) said in a statement yesterday.

Line Pay Taiwan said most of them are small to medium-sized stores or online merchants, which are generally more reluctant to accept virtual payments than large stores.

Photo: Lee Ching-hui, Taipei Times

Bank SinoPac (永豐 銀行) said that around 1,000 retailers and vendors have applied for and started adopting the bank’s QR code payment tool since the start of this year, with the total number of stores using the tool rising to 4000.

Half of them are small stores in wet markets, night markets or flower markets, and 20 percent are street vendors selling food or drinks, the bank said.

Expecting more stores to adopt its contactless payment platform amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Bank SinoPac has launched an online service where stores can request the tool instead of visiting. at a bank branch, he said.

For small traders, the advantage of the QR code system is that they would not need to install any equipment, but an SMS would instantly tell them if they received a payment, whereas it would only take six seconds. customers to pay by scanning the QR code, the bank said.

To encourage more stores to adopt virtual payment tools, Bank SinoPac said it would charge no processing fees for the first three months, while Line Pay Taiwan said it would help new merchant partners market their products. products.

A survey conducted by Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank (台北 富邦 銀行) showed that more than 85% of respondents would prioritize the use of a mobile payment tool over other payment methods, while 78% said the number of stores accepting mobile payments is still low. .

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