New e-wallets becoming online retail payment methods


Do you own an online retail business? You must agree that a method of payment is among the things you need to consider. Your customers need a safe, reliable and accessible payment method to make purchases in your store.

Customers become familiar with online shopping and payment methods. Technological advancements and payment revolutions have made online transactions simpler and more efficient. In recent years, payment systems have become efficient and secure, attracting entrepreneurs and customers alike. Different e-wallets have sprung up, each promising more benefits than the other. Here are some of the e-wallets dominating the online retail market.

Google Pay

Launched in 2015, Google Pay allows users to pay for goods and services from their Android devices. It’s fast, secure, and customers can use the app, web, or Google to easily make payments. To use this method, you will need an Android watch, phone or tablet. It is accessible in 28 countries around the world.

Customers can use Google Pay to manage their information, pay utility bills, or view their transaction history, among many other tasks. It’s secure, allows multiple payment options, offers users rewards and cashback, and doesn’t require any additional fees to use.


Paysafe is a payment service provider that was created in 2015 after the merger of several large e-wallet companies. It provides customers with secure and simple payments when transacting online. Paysafe is among the largest digital wallet companies and owns Skrill, Paysafecard and Neteller.

Since its inception, Paysafe has become one of the most popular e-wallets in New Zealand, especially in the online casino industry. It has become the standard payment method for bettors playing real money online slots in New Zealand. Due to its popularity, it is common to find many Paysafe Online Slots in casinos that accept Kiwis. Some of the advantages of using Paysafe include security, reliability and speed of transactions.

Pay Apple

The developers of Apple Pay designed it for Apple device users looking for a reliable digital wallet. It allows them to make secure purchases through the app or on the web. Apple is a leading company that is expected to take the top spot in the e-wallet market in the coming years. Customers can send or receive money using messages or asking Siri. They consider using Apple Pay to be easier and safer than debit/credit cards.

There are many benefits associated with Apple Pay, including contactless payments, it doesn’t store or share card details with sellers, and it’s safe and secure.


if you are looking for a platform that offers ultimate privacy. With one click, users can create an ecoPayz account and enjoy all its benefits. The process is simple and quick as it involves a few steps.

ecoPayz is offered with reasonable rates and no maintenance fees as long as it remains active. It comes with various deposit and payment methods, including Visa/MasterCard, wire transfer, and vouchers, among others. ecoPayz is also popular in online casinos due to its fast, safe and reliable transactions.

Pay Samsung

Samsun Pay has accumulated millions of users over the past few years. It offers customers various financial transactions, including checking their credit scores, personal loans, or getting a credit card. As it continues to grow in popularity, more and more merchants are including Samsung Pay in their list of payment options.

Apart from using this method to make payments, users get reward points for each transaction. They can opt for the voucher listed in the exchange catalog once you want to redeem your collected points. Unlike most e-wallets, Samsung Pay includes three layers of security to ensure no third parties can access customers’ money and all their transactions remain highly secure.

Digital wallets are the future of online payments

Digital wallets offer users the best in convenience. Whether you want to receive or deposit money or buy something, it only takes a few moments. Since no middleman is involved, the transaction cost is significantly reduced.

They help sellers improve their revenue and increase their growth as more and more people look for companies that offer fast and secure online payment methods. With all the advantages that e-wallets offer customers, they will be used in almost every online store.

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