Paint Transfer on Collision Case with Car Seals: Middleburg Heights Police Blotter



Crash by successive jumps: boulevard de Normandie

Police attended Islander Apartments at 11:24 p.m. on March 22 about a car that hit another in a carport. The witness said he heard a loud banging and creaking outside his window. He saw a car that parked halfway in the carport. The motorist quickly pulled out and drove off. The motorist, however, returned to the car he had hit to see the damage. The man then entered his apartment complex. The officer checked the car and found that it had damage to the front on the passenger side bumper. There was also a transfer of blue paint. The witness then showed the officer the other car which had a damaged front bumper with white paint transfer on it. The officer attempted to contact the suspect for questioning. The man’s mother answered the door and said her son was home. The officer saw the man asleep on the couch. The man told the policeman that he was driving that night. The man had glassy bloodshot eyes. He was told to put on his shoes and go outside to perform field sobriety tests. He admitted he had been drinking that night. The suspect said he could not perform the walk test after completing his first nine steps. He also landed his foot several times during the one-legged stance. He was stopped. He voluntarily submitted to a breath test, which measured a blood alcohol level of 0.241. He was cited for drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

Flight: Seneca Trail

On March 22, an officer attended a residence regarding money missing from the man’s bank account. The victim said someone took $4,600 from a bank account. The bank showed him a copy of the check, which the victim said was the number of the check he had written to a woman who was cleaning his house. He couldn’t remember the name of his business but provided a phone number. He said he physically gave the check to the woman as payment. It was deposited via mobile deposit to an account. The writing on the copy of the physical check was difficult to read. The victim has already contacted his bank, which then opened an investigation into the transaction.

Flight: Engle Road

An officer visited the Amazon site at 11 a.m. on March 16 and spoke with the loss prevention officer. He said after an investigation he determined that an employee stole a PlayStation 5 on February 25. That day, a former employee was seen putting a PlayStation 5 in a cart. Later, he put these goods in his car, but he did not scan it. He had to scan all the articles. He then left with it. The customer said he never received the PlayStation 5. The suspect is a contracted employee who uses his own car for deliveries. The investigator contacted the suspect who denied taking it. However, the investigation showed that the suspect had taken it without handing it over to the rightful owner. Security video given to the officer shows the suspect putting the object in his car and driving off. The suspect had not returned to work at Amazon since then. The officer received written and video copies of the incident. He was unable to contact the suspect, but sent documents to the court in Berea.

Traffic violation: Bagley Road

An officer checked a car license at the Red Roof Inn on March 23 and found the owner’s driver’s license had been suspended. He stopped the car and asked the driver to identify himself. He couldn’t provide any. He gave his social security number and admitted he didn’t have a valid license. His identification came back as having multiple warrants. One of the police services was able to meet and transfer the suspect. While taking inventory of the car, the officer found a scale in the front pocket of a pink bag that also contained suspected marijuana in a glass jar and grinder. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and received multiple trafficking citations.


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