Qardcoin Token, the first e-commerce cryptor able to transfer real-world assets into Metaverse


LOS ANGELES, CA 90017, USA, Feb. 16, 2022 / — Qardcoin is a patented solution that raises new standards in the e-commerce shopping experience with crypto tokens using a payment gateway blockchain, decentralized merchant credibility and a unique AI product rating system.

This team has big plans, including a new way to do door-to-door delivery around the world. Qardcoin plans to be a central node for all offline and online merchants connecting them on their platform and providing customers with a unique shopping experience with the lowest prices and lowest crypto fees.

Qardcoin will allow every trader to connect to their blockchain-enabled e-commerce marketplace and offer their products on this platform. They will be easily integrated into Qardcoin Network through cryptographic connectors and different APIs.

How will they connect the virtual metaverse world to the real world?

The idea behind is to usually interface the major retailers to the global shopping website, every customer will be able to purchase real world items and virtual world items through Qardcoin Pay and they will be able to do so at the best possible price with the lowest fees.

People who enjoy the shopping experience will be able to visit the Qardcoin Space portal and create a virtual instance of themselves, this virtual instance will be able to browse the virtual shopping mail and try on clothes and other items like in the world real. Not only will this be the best solution in the pandemic world, but it should also skyrocket sales because it will be easier and faster than in the real world.

This is especially interesting for sports brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok as well as some other brands and they are vying for their place in the virtual malls which are ready to be launched by the Qardcoin team.

Qardcoin Token’s announcement earlier this month was for the first round of raising capital for their plans. They raised over $30 million.

Over two hundred major investors participated in the private presale along with JPMorgan, Alibaba, Adidas, Nike, Zara, Pantera Capital founder Dan Morehead and many more. Some investors names that we cannot release because they have signed NDA.

More InformationThe ICO presale is scheduled for February 2022. For more information, please visit their website.

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