Quickbit adds payment methods to buy cryptocurrency in the Quickbit app


Quickbit continues to expand its customer offering by initiating cryptocurrency purchases directly from EUR account in the Quickbit app. This means that the user can now choose to buy cryptocurrency with their card or from their EUR account.

In early November, Quickbit launched the option to open a EUR account in the Quickbit app, which allowed the user to exchange cryptocurrency to EUR. Additionally, users can send and receive transactions from accounts in other banks. Previously, the user could buy cryptocurrency by card payment, but now the option to buy directly from the EUR account is also offered. Quickbit continues to strengthen its unique value offering in Sweden and takes one more step towards a leading position in the market.

“In keeping with our mission, to simplify the use of cryptocurrencies in people’s daily lives, we now make it even easier for our users to switch from cryptocurrencies to traditional currencies,” said Hammad Abuiseifan.

For more information, please contact:
Hammad Abuiseifan
Phone: +46 73 095 87 12
[email protected]


Quickbit is a Swedish fintech company, founded in 2016 with the aim of facilitating the integration of cryptocurrencies into the daily life of people and businesses. Today, Quickbit offers safe and easy-to-use products for e-merchants as well as customers. With a transaction volume to date exceeding 900 million euros, Quickbit has already empowered and empowered individuals around the world, through the use of cryptocurrencies. Quickbit has been listed on NGM Nordic SME since July 2019. For more information, please visit www.quickbit.com



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