Robo Inu Finance aims to create payment methods using the FinTech industry


Robo Inu Finance aims to create payment methods using the FinTech industry

By Edlyn Cardoza

January 13, 2022

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Robu Inu Finance was born with the vision of building an open ecosystem for everyone, regardless of age or background, to earn financial freedom. They are creating a financial tool for individuals to better manage their finances and businesses to leverage an AI to improve people’s lives in the FinTech industry.

In recent years, the rapid growth of blockchain innovation and technology has become a catalyst for the development of blockchain-based FinTech. The term “FinTech” encompasses a wide range of products, technologies and business models that are changing the financial services industry. Leading tech start-ups and companies such as Google, Apple and Alibaba are focusing on FinTech. Thus, the Robo Inu team realized the potential of such innovative technology.

To promote transparency, the role of brokers in the financial sector is slowly being replaced. The requirement to own, buy or trade different currencies in large amounts is another key reason behind this remarkable growth. Robo Inu Finance aims to create a financial tool for individuals to better manage their finances (crypto and fiat spending), also known as RoboWallet. With many years of research and experience in the payment gateway/FinTech industry, Robo Inu Finance wants to focus and build a revolutionary new platform that will facilitate affordable, smooth and ethical financial transactions globally with high security – anytime and anywhere. In addition to transparency, security is also ensured for all transactions.

RoboWallet is a blended concept of competing Venmo and SAP platforms, which allows users to send cryptocurrency from one country to another while helping users track and manage these transactions as a type of expense. They often mention the term “financial freedom”; however, the meaning of financial freedom is sometimes forgotten. With Robo Inu Finance, they have to track all their daily expenses ranging from food, travel, gas, etc.

Additionally, through their app, RoboWallet aims to educate millennials on how to start thinking about financial freedom at a young age. Millennials’ exposure to cryptocurrency has increased significantly over the past few years. Thus, RoboWallet also inculcates the habit of saving and tracking expenses in younger generations if they want to gain financial freedom.

In conclusion, the Robo Inu finance team predicts that RoboWallet will be a game changer in the banking and financial services industry. RoboWallet helps connect people, ensuring that everyone can take care of the finances of their loved ones, regardless of distances, countries or continents.

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