Sathapana Bank adds Visa B2B connect to overseas money transfer service


Sathapana Bank has taken another step by becoming the first leading commercial bank in Cambodia to offer an overseas money transfer service with Visa B2B Connect for all new and existing corporate banking customers.

This flexible cross-border payment solution for businesses covers more than 104 countries and territories worldwide and is available in more than 100 currencies, underlines a joint press release.

“At the heart of our business is an unwavering commitment to providing our customers with a seamless experience and innovative solutions. The ability to make and receive payments quickly and securely is crucial for businesses of all sizes, especially in today’s ever-changing regional and global business environment.

“With Visa B2B Connect, Sathapana’s business banking customers can enjoy the convenience of making fast and secure cross-border business payments through our extensive branch network,” said Fung Kai Jin, Managing Director of Sathapana Bank.

“Companies now need payment capabilities that are transparent, fast and easily manageable,” says Ms. Monika Chum, National Visa Manager for Cambodia.

“Visa B2B Connect will enable Sathapana Bank customers to enter the global economy with highly secure international payments at a reduced cost.”

Visa B2B Connect was launched for outbound and inbound B2B payments. Already, Cambodian businesses are enjoying transparent, efficient and predictable payments in many markets, with popular destinations being Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe, Mainland China, Japan, the United States and Bangladesh.

Visa B2B Connect provides a globally unique connection so businesses can transfer money directly to the recipient’s account. This cuts out intermediary banks, dramatically reducing the time and cost of each transaction.

At the same time, it gives businesses complete visibility into their fees, exchange rates, and when funds would be disbursed upfront. Visa B2B Connect has multiple layers of security, with every transaction filtered for enhanced payment security.

Additionally, an organization’s sensitive business information is protected by Visa’s proprietary tokenization technology, rendering it unreadable even in the event of unauthorized access. C. Nika – AKP

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