Skyview Capital’s NewNet Secure Transactions Announces Cloud Crypto and Bitcoin Payment Transaction Capabilities


The world’s first secure payment routing app in the cloud makes cryptocurrency transactions easier for vendors

CHICAGO, November 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – NewNet Secure Transactions (NST) develops innovative payment systems that provide secure cryptocurrency routing, transfer, translation and conversion capabilities for crypto payment transaction providers.

Krishna Viswanadham, President of NewNet Secure Transactions, said, “We are delighted with this initiative to offer the industry-leading NewNet Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) application and on-premise payment routing systems to accept, aggregate and route safe cryptocurrency payments. This solution can be used by banks, digital wallets, crypto exchanges, Fintechs and PayFacs and holds huge potential for the future as the world emerges from CBDC payments driven by the respective central banks.

“NewNet’s STC is currently deployed by major acquirers, processors and fintechs. NewNet has partnered with leading cloud service providers for the transformation and cloud migration of payment providers worldwide ”

Matt thompson, Senior Vice President of Skyview Capital, owner of NewNet Secure Transactions, said, “We are very excited about the emerging crypto economy. NewNet Secure Transactions is an industry leader in providing solutions for the acquisition and processing of global digital payments. We see enormous potential in applying our experience of secure digital payment solutions to crypto payments. “

Alex Nascimento, UCLA Blockchain Faculty & Managing Director at 7CC Blockchain Investments says, “I am delighted to see institutional financial solution providers like NewNet serving the crypto industry. We strongly believe that institutional adoption of crypto is the catalyst for the massive adoption of digital assets and tools. As crypto payments routed securely in the cloud will continue to facilitate the adoption of crypto by banks, governments and other traditional institutions. “

NST’s Cryptocurrency payment solution offering will include the following features:

  • Route and transport of cryptocurrency payments

  • Acquisition solution for encrypted payments from point-of-sale wallets, web / mobile purchases

  • Simultaneous processing of fiat and cryptocurrency payments

  • Smart routing of cryptocurrency payment to targeted exchanges / service providers

  • Allow acquirers / processors to authorize merchants to accept cryptocurrencies for payments

  • Solution allowing acquirers / processors to interconnect with cryptocurrency exchanges for real-time conversion into fiat currency

NewNet serves some of the world’s largest payment companies and sees a vital opportunity to extend the functionality of the solution to offer crypto payment capabilities.

The company plans to launch trials with prospects and roll out cryptocurrency payment capabilities in early 2022.

About NewNet Secure Transactions
NewNet Secure Transactions (NST) offers secure solutions for routing, switching and transporting payment transactions. NewNet’s payment systems power over 25% of all digital and payment card transactions globally. NST’s latest solution, Secure Transaction Cloud (STC), offers virtualized secure payment applications for transporting transactions in the cloud with specific virtual network functions for security, transaction protocols, P2PE, tokenization, host interfaces, load balancing, etc. with PCI compliant HSMs. STC supports a wide range of payment types including internet payments, mobile payments, POS / mPOS based transactions and a variety of online payments, mCommerce and allows multiple payment options including crypto currencies and new credit offers with Buy Now Pay Later, etc.

More information is available at

NewNet is a holding company of Skyview Capital

For more information, contact:
Devarajan Puthupparambil
Vice-President, Products and Operations NewNet Secure Payment Transactions
[email protected]
1 847 977 9099


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