The Paypers Launches 2021 Payment Methods Report


With demands for a contactless, secure and frictionless shopping experience, e-commerce revenue has increased dramatically. Thus, industry players, primarily payment service providers and merchants, should focus even more on offering choice at checkout to reach new markets and new customers.

We recognize the need for accurate information on how people prefer to pay and shop these days, so we’re bringing our readers a comprehensive look at payment methods for 2021, along with the best practices for optimizing payments by addressing digital transformation, security, and localization.

Highlights of the report:

Latest trends and developments in:

  • Account-to-account payments: GoCardless, Trustly, CMSPI;

  • Buy now, pay later: Edgar, Dunn & Company, AfterPay, Atom, Forrester, The Strawhecker Group (TSG);

  • Mobile payments: Juniper Research, BLIK – Polish Payments Standard, Huawei, Merchant Risk Council, Rappi, Ant Group, Euromonitor;

  • Direct carrier billing: Docomo;

  • Payment cards: Steve Cook (ID R&D), American Payments Forum;

  • Prepaid: aplauz;

  • Debit: Edgar, Dunn and company;

  • Cryptocurrencies and CBDCs: Currency research,

The merchants’ point of view

We asked merchants from various verticals – retail, gaming, streaming media – about the changes they’ve noticed in terms of how their end consumers pay, what steps they’ve taken so far to respond consumer demand and how they see the future of payments generated by Gen Z and Millennials. Seasoned payment managers from Jumia, Kinguin, Mango, TIDAL, Wargaming.netand Wayfair share their expertise to further support peer-to-peer knowledge and provide our readers with in-depth insight into merchant payment strategies.

Payment optimization and customer conversion

Offering the right mix of payouts at checkout is crucial to avoiding abandonment, but there’s more to conversion than just giving customers plenty of choices. In this section, we discuss three factors of great importance for an optimal online shopping experience:

  • digital transformation: ACI Worldwide, PPRO, Amadeus Payments, elumeo SE, Payment Operations Group;

  • Security: Fraugster;

  • location: Boacompra, SafetyPay, Partelya Consulting.

Global Infographic Buy Now Pay Later

We offer an accurate picture of players in this space mapped around the world, from the Americas to EMEA and APAC, as well as some business models for companies such as Klarna, Affirm, Splitit, Uplift, AfterPay, Atom, Fly Now Pay Later, and much more.

Facts and figures

We display the market size for each payment method as well as the latest events surrounding them, such as investments, mergers and acquisitions, product launches, partnerships, and recent infrastructure.

Payment Methods 101

This section explains how payment instruments and methods work and what the different categories are. We basically describe ten categories – debit cards, credit cards, prepaid, e-wallets, A2A payments, direct debit, pay by bill, cash, direct operator billing and cryptocurrencies.

Finally, we display a section on company profiles featuring key players in the global online payments market including PSPs and APMs. Additionally, companies will also be included in our comprehensive company database, giving readers unprecedented access to stakeholders across global industries.

Download your free copy now and get exclusive insights into how people prefer to pay and what’s driving innovation in audience, conversion and payment method cost.

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