Two murderous friends, bury his body; Transfer 2l from its payment application | Rajkot News

Rajkot: Local Amreli Crime Branch (LCB) uncovered the murder of a native of Uttar Pradesh, whose body was buried by the killers, near Port Pipavav.
LCB detectives arrested Anil Sardar (30) and Babunand Sardar (42) for the murder of Anil Chobali, who worked as a laborer at the port. Chobali was killed with edged weapons on January 13 and the duo then buried his body behind the bushes near the labor settlement.
On January 14, a security guard alerted the police after apparently seeing part of the body protrude from the ground. All three worked with a private company inside the port.
Interestingly, Anil’s and Babunand’s motivations for assassinating Chobali were different. As Babunanad did not like Chobali talking to a woman he was having an affair with, Anil needed the money and transferred Rs two lakh from the deceased’s Paytm account to his wife’s and brother’s accounts.
LCB officials said it was difficult to zero in on the killers and find out the motive as all the workers worked together and lived in the same settlement which does not even have CCTV.
Anil Sardar and Babunand are private enterprise entrepreneurs and natives of the same village in Bihar. According to the police, Babunand had an affair with a company worker whom Chobali did not like.
On January 13, Babunand and Chobali had a heated argument in the latter’s room over this. Babunand lost his temper and killed Chobali with a shovel.
Meanwhile, Anil suddenly came and witnessed the murder. Babunand asked Anil not to disclose the murder to anyone by promising him a large sum. Anil immediately accepted as he was heavily in debt and in dire need of money.
Later around 2 a.m., they both buried Chobali’s body in the bushes behind the port.
Speaking to TOI, Amreli District Police (DSP) Superintendent Nirlipt Rai said: “Establishing the motive for the crime was difficult at first. However, after rounding up the suspects, we found the Paytm transactions that were made from the victim’s mobile phone app. A total of Rs two lakh was transferred using this payment app by Anil Sardar to his relatives.
RK Karamta, Police Inspector in charge of LCB, said, “Chobali was not mobile and Anil often helped him transfer money to his family members using the payment app. So he also knew the passwords and the UPI pin. When we traced the transactions initiated after his death, we found that both accounts belonged to Anil’s wife and brother.

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