What are the safest online casino payment methods?

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Payment security is a major concern for all consumers and should be taken seriously when making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.

Part of the problem is not knowing which of the many methods available is the safest to use, so let’s review the best of them to help you decide the next time you want to enjoy online gambling.


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PayPal has entered the scene for decadesand it is trusted to handle millions of transactions worth billions every day.

In addition to allowing users to create accounts and add funds as they wish, PayPal is also a platform that you can use without needing to register, which is the case both in the context of online casino, as well as on a multitude of also e-commerce sites.

In complete confidence

While you may not have heard of Trustly, it lives up to its name as it’s a fintech provider that underpins a host of services, including PayPal.

Many mainstream gambling sites, like DraftKings, have naturally adopted Trustly to help manage deposits and withdrawals, so if you see its logo, you can play with confidence.

A look at a list of extraordinary Trustly casinos available at newcasinos.com will show how widely supported it is, if you need more proof.

Neteller and Skrill

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Owned by the same parent company, Neteller and Skrill are also long-standing online payments and e-wallet brands that have been around for many years as alternatives to PayPal.

Neteller, in particular, has a long history of supporting online casinos, dating back to the turn of the millennium. Meanwhile, Skrill is best known for its popularity across Europe, although it does have support for customers in North America.

Visa and MasterCard

Card payments are accepted by all good online casinos, and if you want to use this method, it is best to ensure that the platform of choice is the one officially offered by the two biggest brands, namely Visa and MasterCard.

Even if a third-party platform is used, these payment card providers have additional layers of security that will be used, such as Verified by Visa, to ensure everything is compliant.

Additionally, if your transaction is misappropriated or your card is defrauded in any way, this is covered by anti-fraud policies that both brands use. This gives you extra peace of mind and means you can play online without needing anything but your credit or debit card.

Much better

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An up-and-coming e-wallet provider, MuchBetter tries to put simplicity first, allowing you to manage payments and view the transactions you’ve made, as well as making deposits at online casinos and sending money to other users as you see fit.

Apart from its secure payment platform, MuchBetter also incentivizes customers by giving them free access to regular sweepstakes, where tens of thousands of dollars are regularly won, in addition to other prizes and benefits.


Despite its strange name, it is a very genuine, legit and respected e-wallet type payment service that supports a multitude of currencies and is also accepted as a payment method by many North American online casinos. Americans.

It goes hand in hand with sister product EcoCard, so there are plenty of options to consider if it’s already a brand you recognise.


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The rise and rise of cryptocurrencies over the past decade has garnered enormous media attention, not a small amount of controversy.

One of the reasons for the rise of Bitcoin in particular is the promise of being able to perform secure and anonymous transactions that do not depend on central financial systems, so it is not surprising that it is a mode payment method used by a growing number of casinos. Support.

Whether Bitcoin-based deposits and withdrawals are safe or not depends on several factors. First, there’s the reputation of the site itself, and second, there’s how you handle your termination.

Be sure to only use crypto-accepting casinos that are also legit, licensed, and have a good track record of customer support. Likewise, make sure you get the correct details when depositing or withdrawing, as a small mistake could leave your coins in limbo, or even the wrong wallet.


Originally a physical payment card, PaySafe is now also a digital transaction solution that gives users great flexibility in how and where they deploy it.

Even more impressively, you don’t need to create an account with this provider to use their services, although there is a cap on how much you can transfer without signing up. This is well suited for those looking for a private and secure payment method.

If you sign up for a full account, you can enjoy perks like web-based payment management and access to an official app to track your spending.


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Not everyone is a fan of how traditional payment cards work, or even how modern e-wallet services work. If you belong to this group, then PayNearMe might be well suited to help you with your online casino deposits.

The principle is simple; you have an account with the service provider and you can add money to it by going to one of the many physical locations where deposits are accepted.

From there, you can quickly use the money in combination with all sorts of other online services, from casino sites to shopping providers and beyond. Privacy and security are again PayNearMe’s watchwords, so check to see if this is available locally.

Final Thoughts

The best advice for someone who wants to make online casino payments in the safest way possible is to use payment platforms you already recognize and find casinos that support them, rather than the other way around.


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