Woman sued by Crypto.com over accidental transfer worth millions


An accidental transfer worth millions, and the subsequent spending of some of those millions, is at the center of a lawsuit that is making headlines globally.

According to a report by Australian news outlet 7News, Crypto.com – a crypto exchange company known to many as being at the heart of a recent advertisement featuring Matt Damon – “accidentally transferred” the millions in question during a attempted to process a refund in May of last year. The report says that while the refund was supposed to be $100, or about $68, the accidental transfer ended up costing about AUD 10.5 million, or about $7.2 million.

According to court documents shared by CNBC, a woman named Thevamanogari Manivel received the transfer “after an account number was accidentally entered into the payment amount field.” It took seven months for the plaintiffs in the case, whose defendants are listed as “Manivel et al,” to realize the mistake.

Manivel further reportedly spent around AUD$1.35 on a house “in the name of” his sister, as well as funds transferred to others. A judge sided with Crypto.com and said the house in question should be sold and any accidentally transferred funds should be returned. In October, the case should return to court.

Complex has reached out to a Crypto.com representative for comment. This post can be updated.

Meanwhile, here in the US, Biden signed an executive order focused on cryptocurrency earlier this year. When it was signed in March, the order was touted by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen as part of a campaign for a “fairer, more inclusive and more efficient financial system”.


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