WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon donates $ 900,000 for charity



Stephanie McMahon is someone who constantly works on behalf of WWE to benefit the business in any way she can. She’s the Chief Brand Officer, which makes her the face of the company, anyway. But she worked hard to get that spot. She earns a lot of money thanks to this position which often goes through charitable works.

As seen in the past, Stephanie McMahon has played an important role in campaigns such as Susan G Komen, Breast Cancer Awareness, Make A Wish or Connors Cure, all of which were for noble purposes. Recently, she has given back a large part of her earnings. According to Wrestling Observer Bulletin, The Billion Dollar Princess donated $ 900,000 to the ChadTough Foundation.

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This is a charitable foundation created to help fight a rare form of brain cancer called diffuse intrinsic pontic glioma. According to the report, Stephanie McMahon made the donation on behalf of the grandson of former Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr. Dick Vitale, a well-known basketball commentator, also made a huge donation for this campaign. This form of brain cancer is a fatal diagnosis and therefore these funds will be greatly helped.

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Stephanie McMahon and Triple H own more WWE shares than Vince McMahon

Stephanie McMahon may not have to be very worried about getting these amounts back as she resides in a leadership position in WWE. She and her husband Triple H now own more combined WWE shares than Vince McMahon, which obviously keeps them in the race to take over the business when Vince steps down. She would have earned a base of $ 730,000 with her contract with WWE in 2020, excluding incentives, bonuses and stock options.

WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon Donates $ 900,000 For Charity Works 2

WWE is constantly investing in its own business and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon now have a larger stake than Mr. McMahon. New documents filed with the SEC show Vince McMahon bought 19,875 shares, leaving him with a new balance of 89,496 shares. His daughter and son-in-law were also in the race to buy.

Triple H bought 5,644 shares, which keeps him with 87,046 shares roughly 2,000 less than his stepfather. As for Stéphanie McMahon, she also won 5,644 shares, which led her to 82,042 shares. In total, WWE’s powerful couple now have 169,088 shares.

WWE Executive Producer and Head of Global TV Distribution Kevin Dunn owns 81,411 Class A common shares, while WWE President Nick Khan owns 15,310.



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